Nolan Family History
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Research Page 2

Genealogy is an ongoing process.  It seems like when you find one answer, it gives you two more questions.   This research page will give you the progress on several different research topics.   Help is always needed and fun I might add.  Many of you have children and grandchildren that are studying their family origins in school.  Many of you do geneaolgy as a hobby.  If genealogy is your hobby or your school project, this page will help you dig into areas that we don't have answers for.  Researching your family genealogy is fun, challenging and interesting and always a great family activity for all.  Email me if you would like to add a topic.  Enjoy digging into the past.

Topic:James Nolan Farm in Millville

                                The 1880's map of the Oakwood Township. 
                     Patrick and James Nolan's Farms are next to each other