Nolan Family History
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Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan was a native of Ireland born on February 21st, 1821.  His wife Ellen (O'Niel) born March 16th, 1833 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  Patrick Nolan became a citizen of the United States on September 11th, 1854. The document was sponsored by Matthew Nolan (brother).  Patrick and Ellen Nolan were married at St. Vincent's De Paul Church in Minersville, Pennsylvania around 1855-1856.  There first child John was born in the Minersville area but died in infancy and is buried at St. Vincent's De Paul Church. Patrick Nolan was a miner in the coal mines of Pennsylvania in the Schuylkill County area..  Patrick and Ellen Nolan decided to migrate to Minnesota to stake out their claim of land to start a farm..   Around 1857 Patrick and Ellen Nolan landed in Oakwood twp, Wabasha, County, in southeastern Minnesota along with their daughter Mary Nolan.  At that time Reeds Landing was the only village in the county. Patrick and Ellen, by way of an old footpath, led their way to their claim of 160 acres in section 9, of Oakwood township, finding the land wild, a part being covered with timber and the rest prairie. All the elements of a good farm were present, but the farm had to be carved out and developed from the primitive conditions which confronted the pioneers. To this Patrick & Ellen Nolan immediately addressed them self . A log house was first erected, and soon after a few rude outbuildings, while he also commenced the arduous task of clearing and breaking the land, giving his first attention to the prairie land as the easier task. After making some progress, he built a better log house in another location on his property, and kept on making improvements. By 1881 his farm presented a good appearance, and that year he built a solid stone house for which he himself quarried with the stone from his and surrounding land. It was a big job to get the stones for the house up to the second story. It made the walls very thick. The logs used in the house and barn were all hand hewed timbers. From time to time, also he purchased more land so, that at the time of his death he owned 280 acres. 

Patrick Nolan died April 8th, 1883 of black lung disease, that he contracted from working in the coal mines in Pennsylvania when he was young. His work as a pioneer developer of Wabasha County had been well done and had permanent results. The stone House still stands today (2006) outside Millville, Minnesota.  Patrick and Ellen Nolan attended the St. James Catholic church in Oakwood Township section 13, which Patrick was buried.  Later Patrick Nolan's grave moved by his wife Ellen to the family plot in West Albany's St. Patrick's cemetery.  After his death Ellen lived in the stone house for a few more years.     Ellen then moved to South St. Paul with daughter Josephine and lived out the last ten years of her life. She passed away on January 7th, 1917.  
Patrick and Ellen had ten children; John, Mary, Joseph, Ellen, William, Josephine, James, Patrick, Thomas and Josephine II.  Today descendants of Patrick and Ellen Nolan are still living today in the Wabasha area of Minnesota.

                 Patrick Nolan's Grave                                     Patrick Nolan in Civil War Uniform
             West Albany, Minnesota

                    Patrick Nolan
                 Watford, Ireland
                  Feb. 21, 1821
                    Apr. 8, 1883

John Nolan
was the first born of Patrick and Ellen Nolan. John died shortly after birth in Pennsylvania.  John's Baptismal record shows that he was Baptized May 4th, 1856.   Nine days after he was born.  Sposors were William O'Keefe and Mary O'Shea.   Mary O'Shea is Mary Nolan married to Matthew Nolan.  John is buried in St. Vincent's De Paul church in Minnersville.

Francis Mary Nolan
was also born in Pennsylvania.  She was an infant when Patrick and Ellen Nolan moved to Minnesota.  She might be named after the sister of Matthew and Patrick Nolan.  She married Edward Hyde in Minnesota.

Joseph Powers Nolan
 was the families first born Nolan in Minnesota.   He moved to South St. Paul in 1887. There he married Kate (?).  He was a contractor for much of his life.  He organized the South St. Paul Land Co. a real estate organization. He is buried at St. Peter's Cemetery in Mendota.

Ellen Nolan
was born in 1861.  She was married to John McClaman.  Not much is known about her.  She died in 1942.

William James Nolan
was the second child of Patrick and Ellen that died shortly after birth in 1862.

Josephine Nolan
was a daughter that was only 10 years old when she died.  She is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery in West Albany Township.

James W. Nolan
was a farmer.  He took over the Patrick Nolan family farm in shortly after Patrick Died.  He purchased the farm in 1901.  He was known for having the Counties best Herford herd.  He organized and was President of the Millville Farmer's Co-operative.  He also was one of the organizers, charter member and President of the Millville State Bank.  James Jr. took over the family farm after James Sr's death in 1951.  James Jr. died in 1994.  The farm is unoccupied today.

Patrick F. Nolan
 Jr. was born in 1870.  He was married to Marie McNulty.  They had no children.  They are buried at Calvary Cemetery in Monrovia, California.  Not much information on Patrick.

Dennis or Denny Nolan
was another of the Nolan children that died shorty after birth in 1875.

Thomas Morris Nolan
was born in 1872.  He lived much of his life in Cloverton. MN.   He married Josephine Thompson in 1901.  They had 5 children.  One of Thomas children Art was on the Board of County Commissioners.   Thomas died at age 86 years old in Cloverton and is buried in Grantsburg, Wisconsin at Grantsburg Cemetery. 

Catherine Josephine Nolan
was born in 1877.  She married Dennis Cavanaugh and moved to Monrovia, California.  No much is known about her. She died in 1962.