Nolan Family History
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Patrick Nolan Pictures

This section will include pages of family photographs.   

If you have old photos of the family or interesting documents, the easiest way for me to post it on the website is through email at or  Another option to share your information is through the mail.  Make a copy of your item and mail it to me.  If you can't make a copy and send the original, I'll scan the original and send the original back to you the following day.  For my address, send me an email requesting for my mailing address.  Thanks for your help in sharing your family information.


    Patrick Nolan Family Farm in Millville, MN. (date unknown)           2-Tom Nolan and 3--Walter McMillim


                Patrick Nolan's Stone House on the family         4 -- Michael Nolan pictured in 
               farm in Millville, MN.  The stone house was              front of the stone house   
                                   built in 1881