Nolan Family History
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Matthew Family Stories
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James S. Nolan
(Oldest son of Matthew Nolan)
I talked to James "Jim" Nolan (Grandson of James S. Nolan and oldest son of Aloysius Nolan) back in the 1990's.  James lived in Flordia at the time.  We talked about James S. Nolan and how James S. ended up in Minnesota.  Jim Nolan worked in his Grandfather's Livery Stables in Minneapolis as a young boy.  Jim said that James S. Nolan didn't want any part of working and dying in the mines of Pennsylvania,  His Godfather and (we believe Uncle) Patrick Nolan lived in southern Minnesota and established a farm.  Jim said James S. Nolan traveled down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River to Wabasha, Minnesota and to the Patrick Nolan Farm.  James S. Nolan spent several years in southern Minnesota were he met his wife Ellen Sexton later moving to Minneapolis and estblishing a Horse Trading business.